courtney_frontMy passion for cooking is as organic and homegrown as many of the fresh, local ingredients I use today are. I can attribute my love of the culinary process to my mother, as my earliest memories I have of cooking are with her in the kitchen. She instilled confidence in me in many ways, showing she trusted me enough to give me the honor of working with a small paring knife as I was peeling potatoes! From this young age I was inspired to utilize my creative abilities and sense of dedication in each of my life endeavors.
After finishing four years at Buffalo State College, I moved to the “big city” of New York to nurture my aspiration to become a textile designer, but it was my love of eclectic cuisine that presented itself as my true calling during this time. The worldly taste of New York City appealed to me and was so exquisite that one of my greatest explorations during this time was trying new foods and restaurants every week. This adventure led me to my next, as my taste buds called for more variety and my career change was being shaped with every bite.
I moved to Wilmington, NC for a taste of the South and it is here that my passion was further ignited, working in fast-paced and revered kitchens along the coast. To further my intentions of fulfilling my dream and sharing the results of my work, I spent my free time researching new recipes, hosting dinner parties, and catering for friends. To the great pleasure of those palates and the bellies I served, I refined my decision to become a chef. As a self-taught chef I could expand my professional horizons and extend my hospitality to the broader community, a dream that has now come true!

I pride myself in using the freshest ingredients, whether it is using what is in the fridge, or making a  memorable menu, with extra special ingredients for that extraordinary meal.

At Elijah’s Restaurant I worked in all areas of the kitchen, catered events both large and small, and contended in exciting cooking competitions hosted in the area. Eventually I landed the job as Executive Sous Chef. The energy was certainly stirring!
My personal interest in competition running, my management experience at a community garden, my travels and my family greatly influence my style of cooking; healthy, fresh, prized, diverse, and thoughtful. The design of my meals is rooted in the southern influences I have acquired fondly with my husband Greg and in collaboration with my Executive Chef. It was shortly after Greg and I were married that we raided the culinary capitals of the U.S. for more inspiration and gratification. We sharpened our senses of what we could deliver to our guests by bringing tastes of New York City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah, as well as the regional culinary haunts of Wilmington and the rest of our beloved North Carolina.
It was shortly after the birth of our son that I stepped down from the managerial position as Sous Chef, as the time commitment to this venture wasn’t conducive to my newfound motherhood. I can now add “family-friendly” meals and homemade baby food to my repertoire.
Now it’s time to share what I’ve learned with YOU…my students, my clients, my friends and my family.
Whether it’s Asian, Southern, gourmet, organic, gluten-free, or vegetarian, I can deliver what you need! It is a great joy to have this expertise to share with my clients, to develop a blazing flame to heat up your kitchen, and to cultivate a customized approach to special events and for any occasion.